Andy "The Magic Man" Segal
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Andy Segal's Cue Magic
Published by Billiards Press
This book opens with a thorough description of terminology and background information on equipment and technique that will be of value to the aspiring trick shot artist, and to any player. Andy then describes how to play over 120 of his modern day trick shots - the ones he has been using to win major competitions and to wow audiences at his shows
Every shot includes a perfect, to scale diagram to assist the student, and/or a photo of the shot. The shots include Pinball, Drop Kick, Slalom, Field Goal, Zig Zag, Prison Jump, and the Viagra Shot, just to name a very few of his creations. Colorful drawing appear throughout the book, which also includes a dozen of the authors favorite stories about his life in pool. Several indexes increase the usefulness of the book by directing the reader to various categories of shots.
Pages: 256
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Transform your event into an unforgettable experience while you and your clients watch miracles performed on a pool table, defying the laws of gravity and physics.
Andy Segal's Cue Magic

Check out Andy's new trick shot book, with over 120 shots, diagrams, and instructions on how to make each.
...more major wins than anyone - EVER
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